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"Milk production has held steady and we have not seen the dramatic drop during high heat. There has also been improvement in our preg checks - from 49% confirmed pregnant to 70% over the summers since installing...We planned for a ROI of 2.5 years and we are on track to reach that."

"I don’t see lathered faces, there is no more bunching and the cows use the stalls all of the way through the barn."

"The variable speed is great in the spring and fall because the fan automatically adjusts to the cows' needs. I feel that we had less pneumonia because the air quality was automatically improved. That little fan blows an impressive amount of air, and then the water takes cooling to the next level."
Harold & Clarence Deering
Honor Roll Farm
“At first we were struck by the cost but as soon as we saw what it was capable of, we decided to give it a try. We started with one barn and saw such a big impact that a month later did the other. We feel like the cost has been easily recouped in just over a year.”

“The cows definitely use the stalls a lot more. That’s what we want to see – cows lying down and chewing their cud. That provides lots of benefits that you can’t even put a number on like better hoof health and improved repro.”

“We really like the variable speed, especially in the spring and fall. It takes the worry out of make decisions for the animal’s benefit. We no longer have to decide if we should turn the fans on or off, it’s done automatically.”
Steve, Matt, Tom, &
Tommy Nealy
Nealand Farm
"I like the water with this holding area system. We don't have water anywhere else in our barn, so the holding area is where we are able to cool our cows. The cows seem to like coming into the holding pen since we put this system in. It has been a reliable system that works year round with the variable speed fans."
Jay Stauffacher
Highway Dairy
“I was really impressed with the overall value of the system. Feed intake and milk production stayed strong during the summer months. It took a lot longer for high temperatures to affect the cows and they seemed to recover more quickly.”

Doug and Greg Rohrer
Lancaster, PA
“It was less hassle and maintenance than our old system and was much more efficient. The controller was also a big upgrade for us.”

“Even though we increased cow numbers, we haven’t seen the same kind of bunching that we used to see. The... holding area was also a huge improvement! Not only did it keep the cows cooler, we also had a lot less flies.”

“We have always seen really great service...Any time we needed anything we just called and it was taken care of!”
Chris & Rick Bowman
New Enterprise, PA

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