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Tunnel Plus designs systems for the agricultural industry, focusing on dairy and swine production.

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What we do

Engineering the ideal climate

Tunnel Plus dramatically improves air quality in your facilities as well as cools the animals’ core body temperatures, which results in healthier animals. Better air quality and reducing heat stress leads to a healthier bottom line for you, the producer.

How we can help

Ventilation Solutions

Dairy Solutions

Maximize production efficiency and cow comfort with our Tunnel Plus 4-Season Ventilation and Cooling Solutions

Swine Solutions

Improve growth rates and reduce heat stress with our Tunnel Plus swine solutions


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We have lots of resources on everything from choosing the right ventilation system, to data-backed research on our system’s effectiveness.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"I like the water with this holding area system. We don't have water anywhere else in our barn, so the holding area is where we are able to cool our cows. The cows seem to like coming into the holding pen since we put this system in. It has been a reliable system that works year round with the variable speed fans."
Jay Stauffacher
Highway Dairy | Darlington, WI
“At first we were struck by the cost but as soon as we saw what it was capable of, we decided to give it a try. We started with one barn and saw such a big impact that a month later did the other. We feel like the cost has been easily recouped in just over a year.”
Steve, Matt, Tom, &
Tommy Nealy
Nealand Farm

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