Recent Projects

Our recent Tunnel Plus Solutions include tunnel, cross, and natural ventilation barns, robotic facilities, calf barns, holding areas, bedded packs, and winter time specific ventilation solutions. We also helped many producers retrofit ventilation solutions into their facilities such as stanchion barns and do custom design as well for tough to ventilate areas like holding areas with a low ceiling.

Recent Projects Gallery

Engineering the Ideal Climate

Check out the variety of projects completed by the Tunnel Plus design team as we continue to Engineer the Ideal Climate with custom designed holding area systems, innovative calf comfort and numerous other installations.

Some of our recent installations

Dairy Holding Area

Holding Area System
Cochranville, PA

A Tunnel Plus totally automated holding area system featuring the Brute controller and our high speed fans. Then adding in our misting system in front of the fans along with the light rain system for a true state of the art holding area system!

Holding Area System
Townville, PA

Another tried and true complete holding area system. One that the farmer wished he would have installed years ago….. It’s never too late.

Holding Area System
Waynesboro, PA

 4-pound milk production jump in less than one week!

Holding Area and Natural Vent Systems
Dalton, OH

Fully automated holding area system and free stall area with Tunnel Plus high speed fans and water cooling!

Calf Barns

Two-room Calf Barn System
Goodwin, SD

 Fully automated 24/7/365 calf barn system with remote access by cell phone or computer.

Single-room Calf Barn System
Townville, PA

Going from relying on mother nature to provide, to the best calf barn ventilation system on the market today. Having 24/7/365 control in this single room power vented calf barn designed to protect calves from the dead cold of winter to the hot humid days of summer.

Swine Barns

Tunnel Plus Boar Stud Facility
Hagerstown, MD

Great year round air exchange with directional, variable to high speed air flow and water focused on  the boars. All run by today’s modern controls.  

Tunnel Louvers
Peach Bottom, PA

Tunnel louvers replacing the need for leaky un-insulated curtain systems that don’t hold up to the extremes Mother Nature throws at them. Our louvers fit tight, do not leak, and insulate from the cold.

Boar Stud Facility
McConnellsburg, PA

We can always find a way to improve ventilation in any size boar stud facility.

Tunnel Plus Sow farm
in Mcalisterville PA
SKOV’s 10-K louver inletting system finds a new home on the front of this sow farm in PA. 

Benefits from the farm manager:
“The System seals up tight for no winter leakage. Insulated doors help keep heat in the barn in the winter months. Summer operation helps keep rain out and direct sun on animals. No damage from rodents like you would see on standard curtain material. A 2-stage system so you can open top first then lower sections. Years of worry free operation.”  

Tunnel Barns

Robot Barn
Darlington, WI

A true Tunnel Plus system with focused high-speed fans and water in a robot barn.

Tie-Stall Barn
Womelsdorf, PA

Beating the summer heat in a tie-stall barn with Tunnel Plus fans and water

Tunnel Barn System
Rock Valley, IA

New exhaust/air exchange system for tunnel barn in Rock Valley, IA

High-speed Air and Water in a Tie-Stall Barn
Shippensburg, PA

Taking the pain  from summer heat out of the tie-stall barn with high-speed air and water cooling.

Tunnel Vent Barn
Sauk Center, MN

 Tunnel fans are installed for proper air exchange for each farm’s specific number of animals. With the dead of winter to the extreme heat of summer taken into consideration.

Cross Vent Barns

Cross Vent Barn System
Willmar, MN

Cross vent barn exhaust/air exchange system in Willmar, MN

2000 Head Cross Vent Barn
Goodwin, SD

Cross vent barn ventilation system installed for 2000 head heifer unit.

Chimney System – Large Cross Vent Barn
Green Leaf, WI

Chimney system installed in a large cross vent barn.  Chimney system installed for the winter weather that gets trapped in the middle of a barn. Standard cross vent barns exhaust/air exchange systems are not designed well enough to handle these issues. Tunnel Plus systems are designed for year round needs!

Natural Vent Barns

Natural Vent Barn
Custar, OH

High speed fans and water for optimal cooling in a natural vent barn.

Holding area and Natural Vent Systems
Dalton, OH

Fully automated holding area system and free stall area with Tunnel Plus high speed fans and water cooling!

Free-stall Barn BF50 Fan System
Blanchardville, WI

BF50 circulation fan system over the feed alley in the free-stall barn


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