Dairy Solutions

Tunnel Plus experts are here to design the ideal climate for your facilities no matter the weather. Our ventilation system solutions are designed for year-round climate control that will keep your cows comfortable through the weather extremes from -30°F to 110°F. We focus on great air quality and heat stress mitigation for all stages of dairy production.

Dairy Solutions

Ventilation Solutions

Tunnel Plus 4-Season Ventilation & Cooling will maximize efficiency and cow comfort resulting in areas such as improved reproduction rates, increased milk production, maintain higher milk components, decreased lameness, to name a few. All of these (and more) save you money and increase overall herd health.

“The cows definitely use the stalls a lot more. That’s what we like the cost has been easily recouped in just over a year. [You] want to see cows lying down and chewing their cud. That provides lots of benefits that you can’t even put a number on like better hoof health and improved repro.”
Matt Nealy
Newville, PA

Power Ventilation Barns

Tunnel Plus engineers the ideal climate for cross and tunnel ventilation barns, which provides better air quality for your cows. Keeping our 4-season ventilation and cooling in mind, these powered ventilation systems will keep your barn tempered all year round.

What sets the Tunnel Plus system apart?

Natural Ventilation Barns

The Tunnel Plus over-the-stall cooling system combined with natural ventilation boosts milk production, increases conception rates, and reduces heat stress losses.

What sets the Tunnel Plus system apart?

Tunnel Plus cooling results in:

Be the most consistent and efficient with each cow and she will thank you!

Dairy Solutions

Specialty Ventilation Solutions

Calf Barns

Engineer the ideal climate with ventilation for calf barns. Custom designed systems fitted to your unique operation provide innovative calf comfort. Powerful systems provide predictable climates for maximum production.

Holding Areas

Stop holding areas losses with a system that monitors your herd 24/7. Safe, worry-free cow protection! The Tunnel Plus system for holding areas protects your cows from heat stress losses, sudden death, pregnancy losses and temperature spikes.

Bedded Packs

Whether you have large group bedded packs, individual pens, “stick and tin” barns, hoop barns or anything else, we can help you design a cooling and ventilation system that fits the needs of you and your cows.

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