Swine Solutions

In the breeding barn or the boar stud facility, Tunnel Plus maximizes comfort levels with proper air exchange and the use of high-velocity, variable-speed circulation fans combined with direct water cooling. Each system is fully automated, highly efficient, and flexible for 4-season ventilation and cooling. All of this with long-term quality and minimal maintenance.

“...At 101 degrees with high humidity, sows in their last trimester were comfortable and showed no signs of stress.”
Farm Manager with over 22 years of experience
Swine Solutions

Sow Gestation Barns

Traditional versions of sow cooling included drip cooling and evaporative cool cells which are high in maintenance needs, use lots of water and have issues with leaks and algae. The result is stuffy, humid, damp barns with restricted air flow, leaving room for bacteria to grow and thrive. Add in the new filtered barn trend and conditions get worse.

Tunnel Plus 4-season ventilation and cooling systems provide direct cooling to the sows at floor level with even, powerful cooling. The open design eliminates air restrictions and is simple to manage resulting in low maintenance.

Results have found 72% less sow deaths in pre-farrowing rooms. Tunnel Plus systems also stop piglet heat stress while in gestation.

Swine Solutions

Boar Stud Facilities

The design and installation of updated and expanded ventilation systems in boar stud barns has produced outstanding results.  Producers report maintaining strong semen production throughout the summer heat waves as opposed to a previous loss of nearly 50% production under the same conditions.  The combination of high speed circulation fans and misting results in boar comfort and consistent semen production.

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