Holding Areas

 Stop holding area losses with a system that monitors your herd 24/7

Safe, Worry-free, Cow protection

What sets a +Tunnel Plus system apart?

              First,  Air exchange fans, designed to handle the extreme heat of crowded cows

              Second,  Kuhlblu, High velocity, variable speed fans, blasting air down around the cows

ThirdCowKuhlerZ water cooling system designed to cool the cows in mild, moderate and high heat stress levels

Fourth, Emergency-rain water system designed for dangerous heat stress levels = this can save a cow from dying!


Fifth, Automated Brute system controller,  eight (8) stages of  ventilation & water cooling as needed, based on the temperatures within the holding area.  Safe, Automated,  Worry-free.    

  • The +Tunnel Plus system for holding areas protects your cows from: 
    • Heat stress losses
    • Sudden death
    • Pregnancy losses
    • Temperature spikes
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